Video Game Party! Playing Video Games Instead of Hiring a DJ

Video Game Party! Playing Video Games Instead of Hiring a DJ

Posted 08.03.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

Once you've outgrown pinning the tail on the donkey and doing the chicken dance, it's time to get the real party started. There ain't no party like a video game party! From renting a video game party bus, to throwing your own button-mashing bash dedicated to gaming, we've got some tips to take your birthday or office party to a whole new level of fun.

Ideal for all ages, renting a video game party bus is perfect for a kid's birthday or a company party. Although there may be local video game party businesses in your area, we found Game Truck to be most impressive. Game Truck serves cities all across the United States. Their fleet is comprised of buses measuring out to 50 feet, geared up for gaming and ready to accommodate 16 to 20 gamers all at once. Make your reservation at and a Party Planner will help coordinate the location of the bus and will schedule times for set up and takedown. Every Game Truck comes with a GameCoach, on duty to monitor activity inside the bus to make sure everyone plays for an equal amount of time. That way parents can either take a break from the kids, or play along with them. Game Trucks come equipped with a wide selection of games for Xbox 360, PS3, and the Nintendo Wii. Game ratings range from Rated E for Everyone to Rated M for Mature, and the Game Coaches will ensure that the games played are age appropriate for the gamers present. To keep everyone involved in the action, Game Truck only loads the bus with multiplayer games. You'll never have to hire the creepy clown with the corny knock-knock jokes ever again, and your party guests will thank you for it. 

While party buses can attract all ages, there are fun ways to implement video games into your party if you're rolling with an older crowd, the two of the most fun being LAN parties and Tournament Style gaming.

A Local Area Network (LAN) Party allows everyone in the same room to play the same computer game at the same time. This could be a friendly game for amateur gamers, or a real showcase of skill for the more serious gamers. LAN Parties are typically BYOC, bring your own computer, so all you would really need is one wireless internet connection and you're good to go. The fun part is, absolutely everyone present with a computer can participate. And since you're all in the same room, gamers get to talk their smack face-to-face, which proves to be more entertaining than hiding behind a headset and a microphone. Call of Duty, Quake, and Counter-Strike are popular titles among LAN Partygoers. Game Modes like “Capture the Flag” up the competition and make the game fun for people of all skill levels. LAN parties aren't just for hardcore gamers. It could also prove to be an interesting team-building exercise for your company as well (See “The Office” episode: “The Coup”).

The final way we recommend to throw a video game shindig is to create an event dedicated to Tournament Style gaming. This is geared more for mature gamers as competitions can get to be pretty intense. All you need is one television, one game console, and two controllers. Players go head-to-head on a single screen, while the rest of the party can mingle or get engaged in all the action of the competition. Tournament Parties also allow you to get creative with incentives for all your guests to get involved. Cash prizes can go to the winner, and to validate the competition you can even create your own Tournament Trophy. Tournament Parties also make for great drinking games. (Loser Takes a Shot!) Popular Tournament Style games include Marvel vs. Capcom, Madden, and Super Mario Smash Bros.

Coming up with a unique way to celebrate is a problem most party planners and birthday celebrants are faced with. While most people try too hard to think outside the box, for once you can look inside the box that is your video game console or computer, and come up with ways to entertain your guests like never before.



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Re: Video Game Party! Playing Video Games Instead of Hiring a DJ
Reply #1 on : Tue October 16, 2012, 07:42:28
YES! Have done two of these except the game truck. Didn't throw a LAN birthday party but my friend did have a bunch of us go to this place called NubiNet for his birthday where they set up the LAN for you and all you do is pick a game and a computer and play for an hourly rate which you and your friends can split. I don't think that place exists anymore but i'm sure they still exist, and it's way fun.

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