Video Game Demo - Video Game Reviews for Free Mobile Phone Games

Video Game Demo - Video Game Reviews for Free Mobile Phone Games

Posted 08.03.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny Fernando

The best things in life are free, right? Well, sometimes things are free for a reason. If a guy was handing out dirty socks at a street corner would you take one? Hopefully not. Such is the case with the many free phone games available today. Some of them just plain stink. Before you pull the trigger on that download button, take a gander at this grand gallery of free games and game demos for guaranteed fun on your mobile phone.

First on our list is a flock of feathery friends with a vendetta against pork: Angry Birds. A conversation on phone games without mention of this insanely addictive puzzle game would be blasphemous. When the Birds were unleashed by Rovio in 2010, they took the world by storm. Now they're going out-of-this world with Angry Birds Space Free. This intergalactic edition lets you boldly go where no Angry Bird has gone before, launching the birds into a zero-gravity environment that makes for some really fun gameplay. In this futuristic spin, the birds have evolved to possess a whole new display of superpowers, making for fun surprises as you discover what these new birds can do. By taking Angry Birds into outer space, Rovio has expanded the limits of the physics game to infinity and beyond. Planets of varying sizes and gravitational pulls make for really challenging levels as comets and asteroids come at you from all directions. The free version will contain 3rd party advertisements but comes with 10 great levels and free updates. Warning: intergalactic travel may cause random outbursts of squawking, a fancy for dazzling graphics and bright colors, and extreme addiction. Houston, we have a problem.

The next addicting game on our list, or games we should say, comes from the free mobile app, Addicting Games Mobile. This is the mobile version of the online gaming site and features over 50 of their most popular games all on one free app. That's right, over 50 certified addictive games for the price of none. Available for both iPhone and Android, the Addicting Games Mobile App includes hits like Zombie Burger, Addicting Video Poker, Feed the Panda, and two of our favorites, Escape the Car and You're Toast. Escape the Car begins inside a locked vehicle. You don't know how you got there. You just know you need to get out. Scan the area and look for clues, search for items and combine them in your inventory to make your way out of this claustrophobic nightmare. You're Toast is more light-hearted but can still get to be scary. In this game you are a piece of toast running from a monster that wants to eat you. Avoid obstacles and pitfalls to avoid becoming breakfast.

Another great free game with both iOS and Android versions is Draw Something. It's nothing more than head-to-head Pictionary, but the ability to have multiple games going on at once, be it against one of your Facebook friends or a complete stranger, makes this game difficult to put down. The more you play, the more coins you can earn, which can be used in exchange for more usable colors. When you draw something you're really proud of, you can share your masterpieces for all to see on Facebook. Pop culture references make for fun opportunities to show off your chops, with clues including Mario, Aladdin, and characters from the Hunger Games. 

Angry Birds in outer space, a 50-plus game pack, and a mobile Michelangelo art studio. From the waiting room at the dentist to the line at the DMV, there will never be a dull moment again. With these three free phone games, you'll have hours of fun no matter where you go without dropping a single dime at the app store.


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